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Terms & Conditions

Hotel PORT (guests agreement)

The general conditions, which are for bookings accepted by you, govern the relationship between you and Hotel PORT. Please read it carefully ?

1. The contract is concluded when a room is ordered and promised. The conclusion of the agreement required the hotel to fulfill the offered for the duration of the agreement, barring unforeseen circumstances such as closure. This data is depending on both parties. The hotel reserves the right to use your room when the agreement expires.

2. The prices will be the same unless there are minor changes or deviations. 

3. Tourist taxation will be taken by hotel PORT. This isn't price included.

4. The invoice must be made before on arrival.  After 5 days, the hotel has the right to submit bills for payment. The hotel has the right to ask for an advance on the invoice, the amount of money is indicated on the confirmation. If the deposit is made before the specified date, the hotel has the right to dissolve the concluded agreement. 

5. You may comment anytime. Please report your comment(s) to the reception. Any comments will never form for reimbursement of  the room price.

6. The hotel room is reserved for the guest from 15:00 on the day of arrival until 11:30 hours (Mon-Fri) / 12:00 pm (Sat-Sun) on the day of departure. The hotel may give up your room to another guest , when you don't arrive before 20:00 at the hotel . The guest cannot complain about the rooms. The guest can withdraw from the contract for example to book a room or change the contract duration, but then the following conditions apply:

• Pay up front :  You don't have to pay up front. Excluding: group bookings (3 rooms or above). 50% of the total price must be paid within 14 days and at the end of your last five days , the total amount to be paid.

• You may cancel or change your room within 48 hours before your arrival. 

Excluding: group bookings (3 rooms or above).  The rules for canceling or changing a room: you need to cancel or change the room within 14 days before your arrival.  If not , you will be forced to pay a fine of 50% of your total price. If you don't cancel or change your room within the last 7 days before your arrival, then you will be forced to pay a fine of 100% of your total price.  

• If you don't cancel, change, don't show up on the day of your arrival, you will be forced to pay a fine of 100% of your total price.

If the hotel is not able to rent the reserved room , the guest must pay the fine. (see above)

7. Deviations from the agreement such as cancellation or rebooking must be recorded in writing.

8. On circumstances such as natural disasters, war, or national unrest , the hotel has the right to terminate the agreement. 

9. All guests must respect the house rules of Hotel PORT. Breaking the house rules gives the hotel the right to terminate the contract without payment. 

10. The general terms and conditions have been filed within the Chamber of Commerce (Rotterdam) 

11. If any of the conditions are not useful, then it does not affect the other terms and conditions. 

12. Errors and changes do not have obligations to Hotel PORT.

13. Hotel PORT is not responsible for thefts or accidents in and around the hotel.