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STC Group


Rotterdam is one of the most well known and respected maritime cities in the world. It’s not a coincidence that several maritime studies are based in this city. One of those is the STC Group: the Scheepvaart en Transport College. It’s a Dutch corporation that is also active abroad. The Rotterdam location, in the atmospheric Lloydkwartier area, is the main location. Here you will find studies in harbors, maritime studies, studies in logistics and transport, oil and chemicals and more.

The STC Group has a rich history. The first steps were taken in 1947. At the time it was a very different educational institution with a different name, but it was the start of the current institution nonetheless. The studies were taught aboard of a ship, where students got to practice their theory. From the late forties up until the late fifties the institution only had a handful of students, typically no more than 20 to 30.

From 1958 the institution blossomed. A new school was built, as well as a new practice ship. This marked the start of a continuous growth, which was followed by several name changes and fusions. The institution had no less than five name changes and fusions before it came to be known by its current name: STC Group. From 1990 the institution also accepted female students. In 2005 the STC Group moved to a new building at the banks of the river. It was opened by Dutch King Willem-Alexander in a festive manner.


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